To Play indoors: Fill in the application below.  Please send e-transfers to Sheila at; Please indicate what month or months the payment is for or if it is a drop-in payment. Drop-in's can only play on days where space is available. Fees: Drop-in $10 per session and can be paid with cash on arrival . Monthly fee is $60 (can play one session per day on all days scheduled)  Schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Two sessions per day

Update from Sheila: E-transfers are the easiest form of payment – they are trackable for both the sender and receiver.
If you have not already paid, send your e-transfer for February before the 23 of January.
You could also pay for Feb along with March in one e-transfer if you plan to play those months and have not already paid for multiple months. 

Send your monthly member e-transfer to: 
  • Sheila Stevenson
  • Automatic deposit is set up so no password is required.
  • Please put in the message box who the payment is for and which months.
  • Cash or cheques will be accepted at the rec center upon sign in if that is your preferred method of payment.

Columbia Valley Indoor Pickleball Association Application Form (Membership is Free)

I agree to the following, understanding it is a requirement to play indoors at the Columbia Lake Recreation Centre (all boxes must be checked)

Understanding the need to accomodate all players as much as possible please provide the following information. My preferred time to play is (check one)

Membership type (check one): Drop in play is only available to occasional visitors if space is available. Exceptions may be accomodated with prior approval.

I will submit my fee when requested of $60 per month for the following months. (Check all months that apply) If paying monthly: fees are prepaid by the 23rd of each month if you wish to continue to play the following month. E-transfers are preferred, if that is not possible you can pay cash.

Method of Payment (check one)

My preferred player duties (check one)

Steering Committee